Who is up to Tank Trouble SWF

Who is up to Tank Trouble SWFTank Trouble SWF is a free online game that combines maze-style, puzzles and battle tanks. Players head through the maze with the intent of shooting down the other tanks. This game supports both single and multiplayer for a computer challenge and fun with friends. The multi-player mode offers a challenging experience by going head to head with friends to see who can destroy the enemy’s tank first. The game also adds an intriguing dynamic to your strategy by including a three player mode. It also includes many challenging levels. The game can also be played in full screen which makes it more realistic.

Game play

In Tank Trouble 4, you must try to shoot your enemy and try to live to fight in the next stage. The game features a maze like layout to maneuver through as you destroy the enemy’s tank and keep your tank and personnel safe. The game requires strong strategies to move through the maze, avoid opponents and fire effective shots. Try to avoid shooting the wall since some shots may bounce back and hit your tank. Therefore, you need a good firing strategy in order to survive many levels. Try to collect power-ups and weapons that appear by clicking the icons. More power-ups are displayed at the bottom of the screen as points. The game becomes more challenging as you move from one level to another. The single player mode features a challenging battle with a robot dog.


When playing Tank Trouble SWF in single player mode, the arrow keys are used for tank movement and M for shooting. For the multiplayer mode, the first player uses arrow keys for to move and M key to shoot. The second player moves his tank with E, S, D, F keys and shoots with the Q key. The third player uses the mouse to move and shoot.

controls of tank trouble game

Tank Trouble SWF game enables you play with tanks. Your battle imaginations are realized by taking control of an army tank while shooting and blowing up your enemy’s tanks. This is a very popular and highly rated free online game. This game is fairly straight forward. All you need to do is to move around the maze like map and get you tank closer to the opponent to attack. You must consider the opponent’s movement, the barriers and the ability to fire at any point. The controls are also simple to use. This game is filled with a lot of fun especially when playing with friends.