War games FTW – Tank trouble is here!

War games FTW – Tank trouble is here!

Tank trouble unblocked is a free online game for anyone who likes playing action games. In fact, it is one of those games which you can enjoy playing even while resting. All you need is a stable internet connection to play the game and that’s it. This is a multiplayer game meaning you can play it as two players or three players game or you can play alone if you want.

Tank trouble 3 game mainly throws a challenger to the players which make it addictive to all. The game begins with a single player mode and you need to play against Laika. You just need to play against Laika, overcome all the obstacles and earn scores. Once you get a hold into the game, you will able to move ahead without any trouble. However, the game entirely depends on your skill and speed to defeat Laika.

Coming to the game now, there are red and green tanks shown in the game. The keyboard arrows will help you proceed with the game. As you begin the game, the movements become a bit complicated as you need to focus on both the tanks.

Your aim is to avoid all the difficulties and score big to be the winner. Your target is mainly saving your tank and move ahead in the game. Just guide your tank to the target point and shoot to win. So, shoot at your target and save yourself from getting killed. Avoid getting shot or killed as your missile might turn back and destroy your tank.

Talking about Tank Trouble game controls, if you are playing alone, you need to use E, D, F and S keys to control the tank and Q key to shoot. Along with this, for the second player, the controls are the arrow on keyboard for controlling the tank and M key for shooting. Third player can use the mouse to control the tank and click it to shoot. That’s it.