Everything you should know about Apple Shooter

Everything you should know about Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter is an archery game developed by Wolf Games. It is one of the most popular online games. It involves shooting an apple placed on top of your friends head at varied distances. The game requires you to make clear shots without hitting your friend. It turns archery dreams into reality. It is a fun game to play during ones free time. It is easy game and can therefore be enjoyed by both children and adults. The game incorporates challenging levels that change progressively. Success in this game is a symbol of true marksmanship. The game is designed with excellent visual effects and background color theme which make it more attractive.

apple with arrow


The aim of Apple Shooter game is to shoot the apple with bow and arrow. You are to shoot an apple on top of your friends head without leaving a scratch on them. The mouse and in game tools are used to aim your arrows on the apple. A mistake in the game will cause you to be labeled as the world’s worst best friend. The tasks become more difficult as you move from one level to another. This is because you are distanced more further from your friend as the levels increase. The distance from one level to next increases by 5 feet. You are set at 20 feet away followed by 25, 30 and 35 feet for level 2, 3 and 4 respectively. The game includes a High Scores Chart. It also provides a sheet of professional shooters. These motivate you to reach the highest level. The 3D feature provides a real life experience thus making the game more interesting.


As soon as you launch the game, you will find two key controls that will help you hit the target. These are found on upper side of the screen. The circular gauge provided helps you to determine how high the arrow will fly. The meter bar indicates the expected strength of your shot. Powerful shots travel farthest. You only need a mouse to play Apple Shooter. Use your mouse to aim the bow and arrow. The bow is drawn back by holding down the mouse button. The longer you hold the mouse button down, the more powerful the short will be. The game requires you to use these tools together with a keen sense of hand and eye coordination to keep your friends head safe.

The controls present make the game easy. Both young and adults can sharpen their archery skills by learning to coordinate their eyes and hands. All you need is a mouse. The chart provided makes the game more interesting as opposed to other online archery games. Apple Shooter allows you to target and shoot through many levels in an exciting 3D environment.