Impossible Quiz 2 A Challenge For Your Obsessed Mind Play Online Impossible Quiz Games

Impossible Quiz 2 A Challenge For Your Obsessed Mind Play Online Impossible Quiz Games
Are you a self-obsessed being? Do you always have this ‘I-Am-The-Smartest-Of-All-Attitude’? Then here is an obstruction for you in the form of Impossible Quiz 2.
You will have to think twice before bragging about your smartness once you got addicted to this new game launched and sponsored by ‘Notdoppler.’

Impossible Quiz 2 is an addiction:
It is the second apart of the game ‘impossible quiz’ which successfully grabbed everyone’s attention through the silly but fun questions it had. If you had been the player of the first version, you would find it impossible to be reluctant in trying the even harder level. Every failure would pursue you to try it once again, and that leads to its addiction. I also know that some of you might not enjoy puzzle games, its okay, you can play simple running games if you want to, one of such running games is Run 3 unblocked.

Comeback of Impossible Quiz:
The second season of the game has almost the same rules and instructions to play where you are asked to answer 120 questions about various subjects and genre. The only point of difference is the new questions.
You will be provided with a new issue every time. You have to click on the right answer and hence climb the next level. But be careful while playing because one wrong answer will take you back to the initial level where you are bound to replay the game. That sounds disgusting. Isn’t it?

The inquisitive Questions:
The questions are hilarious and enjoyable. You have to think beyond your thinking capacity to crack them. It will leave you pissed off sometimes when you will frequently fail to answer them. The questions are designed as such to play with the minds of the player and hence manipulate it but not to worry. Nobody till now has been satisfied to finish the game in a single chance. Try, try and try again until you get the success after all God help those who help themselves.

Don’t live in the illusion of considering the game as a simple one:
Initially, the game would appear to be a simple nut to crack but sometimes what looks is not the truth. It is one of the hardest games that you have ever played in your life. The levels will get harder after the first ten questions putting you in a situation where you can only scribble your head and bang it on the door.

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The exercise of your mind:
Apart from being a full on entertainment, Impossible Quiz 2 will also enhance your knowledge about various subjects and ultimately sharpening up your mind.
The game requires you to use mind along with logics and intuitions. That is the only trick to getting through it and be the one to finish up the game.

It gets annoying sometimes when a single question strikes you, but there is a door to every prison. The cheat sheet is available there to push it off, but that will apparently ruin all the fun. Therefore, pressurize your mind to bring out the best in you. It would take time of course but will for sure give an impressive result.

Super Smash Flash Fans Rejoice

Super Smash Flash Fans Rejoice

Super Smash Flash 2, or SSF2, is a periodically released, non-profit, flash fighting game for PC. Lead by Gregory McLeod of Cleod9 Productions and Published by McLeod Gaming, SSF2 was first called a sequel to Super Smash Flash it is actually a reboot of the original, which was loosely based on Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It features some of our classic favorites from Smash Brothers as well as some familiar faces from other Nintendo series.


The gameplay is very similar to Super Smash Brothers including the damage percentage counter, which is different from most fighting games. As damage occurs to a character their percentage will increase. The higher a character’s percentage becomes the more likely it is for them to be knocked off the stage.

There are several different modes in which the game can be played depending on how you wish to play and how many people will be playing the game.

If you wish to play solo you can use: Adventure Mode, Classic Mode, All-Star Mode, Training Mode, or Stadium mode. Stadium Mode includes three different single player sub-games.

If you wish to play in a group, you can use: Versus Mode, Special Mode, Arena Mode, and Online Mode.

super mode of charactersControls

While SSF2 is a lot like the original some of the controls have changed, in order to see all control lists you can also visit game wiki pages.

Player 1 will use the W, A, S, and D keys for movement. The P key is for a standard attack and O is used for special moves and activating the final smash. The I key is used for the shield and the 1 key is for taunting.

Player 2 will use the arrow keys for movement. The number pad 1 key is for special moves and the final smash. The number pad 2 key is for standard attack. The number pad 3 key is for the shield and number pad 4 is for taunt.

The controls are customizable in the menu.


Matches can be played in Stock Mode, Time Mode, or both.

In Time Mode players have a certain amount of time to get the most KO’s. At the end of the time limit the player with the most points wins. A Sudden Death Match will determine the winner in the event of a tie.

In Stock Mode each player has a certain amount of lives. A player is defeated when they lose all of their lives.


There are two types of characters; the starter characters and the unlockable characters. There are thirty-four characters in all. Starter characters include favorites such as, Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Link, Fox, Pikachu, Sonic, Goku, and more.


There are fifty-two stages, or arenas where the characters will battle. Each stage has its own list of hazards to make game play even more challenging and exciting. There is also a special Mario stage which uses locations from the Super Mario Galaxy games. The layout changes between three different galaxies as time passes.

Along with the hazards of the arena items fall at random onto the stage. The players can use these items to their advantage in defeating the other player. These also include Poke Ball Pokemon and Assist Trophies which produce their own characters.

Much to the delight of fans to the original Super Smash Flash, SSF2 improved many problems in the original including, game play, controls and interface. It has quickly become one of the most popular flash games available and I highly recommend you give it a try. If you wish to play Super smash flash 3 click on this link.


Happy Wheels Hacked Flash Game Has Never Been Bigger and Better

Happy Wheels Hacked Flash Game Has Never Been Bigger and Better

Are you a big fun of flash games? Happy wheel is an adventurous game that allows you to take a spin through several ferocious obstacles. Nothing can be more real like picturing how accidents happen in the real world. What’s more, you are faced with the likelihood of landing into some serious sticky situations. These can range from bone fracture, loss of consciousness to even death. It can’t get more real than this! Oh and in case you were looking for some awesome shooting game I got one for you – GunBlood, game is really fast paced so pay attention!

Happy Wheels Game Blueprint
The main objective of the game is to get your starring character from the beginning of the quest to the end. This can prove to be a daunting task: the many hurdles and obstacles act as a huge hindrance to the overall success of your game plan. The secret to making it to the end lies in choosing a character that will swiftly move you through the hitches and impediments designed to break you down. Whether you are an old man in a wheelchair, an irresponsible dad on bike or a simple segway rider; your goal will be to make it to the end.

in-real-lifeHappy Wheel Game Controls
The entire game primarily depends on the navigation keys which are; control key, letter Z, space bar, shift bar plus the arrow keys.
1. The space bar is a key used for certain special abilities.
2. The left arrow key allows you to lean backwards or to the left.
3. The right arrow key is for moving ahead or for leaning to the right.
4. The shift and control keys are for creating movement in the arms and legs.

Happy Wheels Hacked
If you are looking for happy wheels unblocked, then it definitely means that the demo version can no longer satisfy your gaming needs. Happy wheels demo has a limited amount of tracks and characters to play with. Happy Wheels hacked will unlock various gaming doors that will transform the way you play the overall game.
God mode is a type of internet cheat used in unlocking Happy Wheels. This is a feature that allows you to become immortal. No matter what obstacles you meet on your way, you are always assured of continued existence.
However, it is important to beware of hurdles and obstacles that can get you stuck to one place as a result of immortality. The only way to escape from such obstacles is by restarting the game.

Happy Wheels Game Play
The game is said to lean towards a cartoon violence theme which has been carefully designed to provide a euphoric, anarchic experience. This is a racing game different from the rest. The developer Jim Bonacci added remarkable aspects like captivating characters, engrossing hurdles; all featured in dark humour and flying body parts. No doubt this a game that will get you hooked for hours.


Assassin’s Creed Unity Beautiful France

Assassin’s Creed Unity Beautiful France

Ever since Assassin’s Creed was introduced way back with Altair Ibn La-Ahad taking the center stage there has been no looking back for the franchise. Most of the Assassin’s Creed storyline was expended on Ezio Autidtore through the entire second episode of the franchise (Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations) and then to the Kenway family in Assassin’s Creed III and Black Flag – now the Templar and Assassin’s fight it out in France following the story of Arno Dorian.

For those new to the franchise Assassin’s Creed is a stealth based open world franchise that reimagines history as we know it with the rift between Assassin’s and Templars taking the stage. The story is set during the French Revolution era and the game has introduced revamped parkour and stealth mechanics. The game has also included a cooperative multiplayer mode for hours of fun with your team mates in a narrative open world journey.

coverThe launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity wasn’t the smoothest with users and critics complaining about bugs and graphical issues. Four patches have been released since then to smooth out the gameplay and remove graphical artifacts. Ubisoft had to issue an apology and users were offered digital copies of some of Ubisoft’s titles.

What’s new?

The assassination missions are not monotonous anymore. There are multiple possible lines of play and Ubisoft has made these missions very open ended. Buildings are also very open unlike previous AC games which were very restrictive and you could not enter buildings unless there was a mission. A new type of mission that has caught our attention is the murder mystery segment which is similar to the Arkham games.

Assassin’s Creed Unity has also introduced real currency usage. Many players don’t like grinding through side quests to earn virtual currency – Ubisoft has offered the option to pay with real money and purchase upgrades.

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Oh and also Unblocked Happy Wheels as well, enjoy 😉


Finally, let’s talk about the graphics – they are astounding. This is the first game since The Saboteur that allows a player to explore the Eiffel Tower in-game. The animations are excellent and the buildings are detailed to perfection. There are frame-rate problems and bugs but that doesn’t stop you from admiring the amount of effort put in by the hundreds of developers at Ubisoft to make Assassin’s Creed Unity such a visually compelling game.


Here is the list of controls for making life easier for gamers who want to enjoy the game

W, S, A, D – moving. Hold the right mouse button while moving to sprint.

Mouse – for camera movement

C – Camera adjustment

F – Targeting

Right mouse button – For high profile actions

Y/E – Head

X/Left Mouse Button – Weapon

B/Shift – Synchronize/Eagle Vision

A/Space bar – Blend/Stealth



Overall Assassin’s Creed Unity is absolutely brilliant, though not the best Assassin’s Creed game ever made but it is definitely the most beautiful and the emotional storyline is just going you take your breath away.