Impossible Quiz 2 A Challenge For Your Obsessed Mind Play Online Impossible Quiz Games

Impossible Quiz 2 A Challenge For Your Obsessed Mind Play Online Impossible Quiz Games
Are you a self-obsessed being? Do you always have this ‘I-Am-The-Smartest-Of-All-Attitude’? Then here is an obstruction for you in the form of Impossible Quiz 2.
You will have to think twice before bragging about your smartness once you got addicted to this new game launched and sponsored by ‘Notdoppler.’

Impossible Quiz 2 is an addiction:
It is the second apart of the game ‘impossible quiz’ which successfully grabbed everyone’s attention through the silly but fun questions it had. If you had been the player of the first version, you would find it impossible to be reluctant in trying the even harder level. Every failure would pursue you to try it once again, and that leads to its addiction. I also know that some of you might not enjoy puzzle games, its okay, you can play simple running games if you want to, one of such running games is Run 3 unblocked.

Comeback of Impossible Quiz:
The second season of the game has almost the same rules and instructions to play where you are asked to answer 120 questions about various subjects and genre. The only point of difference is the new questions.
You will be provided with a new issue every time. You have to click on the right answer and hence climb the next level. But be careful while playing because one wrong answer will take you back to the initial level where you are bound to replay the game. That sounds disgusting. Isn’t it?

The inquisitive Questions:
The questions are hilarious and enjoyable. You have to think beyond your thinking capacity to crack them. It will leave you pissed off sometimes when you will frequently fail to answer them. The questions are designed as such to play with the minds of the player and hence manipulate it but not to worry. Nobody till now has been satisfied to finish the game in a single chance. Try, try and try again until you get the success after all God help those who help themselves.

Don’t live in the illusion of considering the game as a simple one:
Initially, the game would appear to be a simple nut to crack but sometimes what looks is not the truth. It is one of the hardest games that you have ever played in your life. The levels will get harder after the first ten questions putting you in a situation where you can only scribble your head and bang it on the door.

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The exercise of your mind:
Apart from being a full on entertainment, Impossible Quiz 2 will also enhance your knowledge about various subjects and ultimately sharpening up your mind.
The game requires you to use mind along with logics and intuitions. That is the only trick to getting through it and be the one to finish up the game.

It gets annoying sometimes when a single question strikes you, but there is a door to every prison. The cheat sheet is available there to push it off, but that will apparently ruin all the fun. Therefore, pressurize your mind to bring out the best in you. It would take time of course but will for sure give an impressive result.

War games FTW – Tank trouble is here!

War games FTW – Tank trouble is here!

Tank trouble unblocked is a free online game for anyone who likes playing action games. In fact, it is one of those games which you can enjoy playing even while resting. All you need is a stable internet connection to play the game and that’s it. This is a multiplayer game meaning you can play it as two players or three players game or you can play alone if you want.

Tank trouble 3 game mainly throws a challenger to the players which make it addictive to all. The game begins with a single player mode and you need to play against Laika. You just need to play against Laika, overcome all the obstacles and earn scores. Once you get a hold into the game, you will able to move ahead without any trouble. However, the game entirely depends on your skill and speed to defeat Laika.

Coming to the game now, there are red and green tanks shown in the game. The keyboard arrows will help you proceed with the game. As you begin the game, the movements become a bit complicated as you need to focus on both the tanks.

Your aim is to avoid all the difficulties and score big to be the winner. Your target is mainly saving your tank and move ahead in the game. Just guide your tank to the target point and shoot to win. So, shoot at your target and save yourself from getting killed. Avoid getting shot or killed as your missile might turn back and destroy your tank.

Talking about Tank Trouble game controls, if you are playing alone, you need to use E, D, F and S keys to control the tank and Q key to shoot. Along with this, for the second player, the controls are the arrow on keyboard for controlling the tank and M key for shooting. Third player can use the mouse to control the tank and click it to shoot. That’s it.


Super Smash Flash Fans Rejoice

Super Smash Flash Fans Rejoice

Super Smash Flash 2, or SSF2, is a periodically released, non-profit, flash fighting game for PC. Lead by Gregory McLeod of Cleod9 Productions and Published by McLeod Gaming, SSF2 was first called a sequel to Super Smash Flash it is actually a reboot of the original, which was loosely based on Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It features some of our classic favorites from Smash Brothers as well as some familiar faces from other Nintendo series.


The gameplay is very similar to Super Smash Brothers including the damage percentage counter, which is different from most fighting games. As damage occurs to a character their percentage will increase. The higher a character’s percentage becomes the more likely it is for them to be knocked off the stage.

There are several different modes in which the game can be played depending on how you wish to play and how many people will be playing the game.

If you wish to play solo you can use: Adventure Mode, Classic Mode, All-Star Mode, Training Mode, or Stadium mode. Stadium Mode includes three different single player sub-games.

If you wish to play in a group, you can use: Versus Mode, Special Mode, Arena Mode, and Online Mode.

super mode of charactersControls

While SSF2 is a lot like the original some of the controls have changed, in order to see all control lists you can also visit game wiki pages.

Player 1 will use the W, A, S, and D keys for movement. The P key is for a standard attack and O is used for special moves and activating the final smash. The I key is used for the shield and the 1 key is for taunting.

Player 2 will use the arrow keys for movement. The number pad 1 key is for special moves and the final smash. The number pad 2 key is for standard attack. The number pad 3 key is for the shield and number pad 4 is for taunt.

The controls are customizable in the menu.


Matches can be played in Stock Mode, Time Mode, or both.

In Time Mode players have a certain amount of time to get the most KO’s. At the end of the time limit the player with the most points wins. A Sudden Death Match will determine the winner in the event of a tie.

In Stock Mode each player has a certain amount of lives. A player is defeated when they lose all of their lives.


There are two types of characters; the starter characters and the unlockable characters. There are thirty-four characters in all. Starter characters include favorites such as, Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Link, Fox, Pikachu, Sonic, Goku, and more.


There are fifty-two stages, or arenas where the characters will battle. Each stage has its own list of hazards to make game play even more challenging and exciting. There is also a special Mario stage which uses locations from the Super Mario Galaxy games. The layout changes between three different galaxies as time passes.

Along with the hazards of the arena items fall at random onto the stage. The players can use these items to their advantage in defeating the other player. These also include Poke Ball Pokemon and Assist Trophies which produce their own characters.

Much to the delight of fans to the original Super Smash Flash, SSF2 improved many problems in the original including, game play, controls and interface. It has quickly become one of the most popular flash games available and I highly recommend you give it a try. If you wish to play Super smash flash 3 click on this link.


Happy Wheels Hacked Flash Game Has Never Been Bigger and Better

Happy Wheels Hacked Flash Game Has Never Been Bigger and Better

Are you a big fun of flash games? Happy wheel is an adventurous game that allows you to take a spin through several ferocious obstacles. Nothing can be more real like picturing how accidents happen in the real world. What’s more, you are faced with the likelihood of landing into some serious sticky situations. These can range from bone fracture, loss of consciousness to even death. It can’t get more real than this! Oh and in case you were looking for some awesome shooting game I got one for you – GunBlood, game is really fast paced so pay attention!

Happy Wheels Game Blueprint
The main objective of the game is to get your starring character from the beginning of the quest to the end. This can prove to be a daunting task: the many hurdles and obstacles act as a huge hindrance to the overall success of your game plan. The secret to making it to the end lies in choosing a character that will swiftly move you through the hitches and impediments designed to break you down. Whether you are an old man in a wheelchair, an irresponsible dad on bike or a simple segway rider; your goal will be to make it to the end.

in-real-lifeHappy Wheel Game Controls
The entire game primarily depends on the navigation keys which are; control key, letter Z, space bar, shift bar plus the arrow keys.
1. The space bar is a key used for certain special abilities.
2. The left arrow key allows you to lean backwards or to the left.
3. The right arrow key is for moving ahead or for leaning to the right.
4. The shift and control keys are for creating movement in the arms and legs.

Happy Wheels Hacked
If you are looking for happy wheels unblocked, then it definitely means that the demo version can no longer satisfy your gaming needs. Happy wheels demo has a limited amount of tracks and characters to play with. Happy Wheels hacked will unlock various gaming doors that will transform the way you play the overall game.
God mode is a type of internet cheat used in unlocking Happy Wheels. This is a feature that allows you to become immortal. No matter what obstacles you meet on your way, you are always assured of continued existence.
However, it is important to beware of hurdles and obstacles that can get you stuck to one place as a result of immortality. The only way to escape from such obstacles is by restarting the game.

Happy Wheels Game Play
The game is said to lean towards a cartoon violence theme which has been carefully designed to provide a euphoric, anarchic experience. This is a racing game different from the rest. The developer Jim Bonacci added remarkable aspects like captivating characters, engrossing hurdles; all featured in dark humour and flying body parts. No doubt this a game that will get you hooked for hours.


Guide of Happy Wheels Game

Guide of Happy Wheels GameHappy Wheels Unblocked is a very interesting flash game which is played online @ This game has no age limit. Created in the year 2010 by Jim Bonacci, He started creating it by the year 2006. Happy wheels is still popular to date. The game is shocking in a specials way. Millions of internet users love to play this game even though the happy wheel is blocked. In the near future an update is expected and there will be a larger number of plays than the first version of the Happy wheels. The game is also super addictive and was created in a physic-based manner.

The general instructions of the game remain the same, however other instruction change as you progress through the game’s level, and they are displayed below the area of play

Guide of Happy Wheels Game

  • Take your character through the board in whichever way possible, and preferably in one piece.
  • Follow the detailed instructions for hints about what step to take next. Keep pushing to meet every goal on each stage to progress all through the game.

If you need to restart or choose another level click the menu key. You can pick any character you desire, and have great fun. Happy Wheels Game characters are: wheelchair guy: it’s fun as this character has ability to boost with his rocket wheelchair attachment. Others are like: Effective shopper, moped couple, irresponsible dad, segway guy, explorer guy, lawnmower man, Santa Claus, pogastick man, irresponsible mom, helicopter man, etc. In order to play this game, visit blog –
To progress in this contest easily you need to beware of:  

  • Objects that move.
  • Traps
  • Everything because it will probably finish you.

Game’s controls

Use the UP arrow to move right [forward], and the DOWN arrow to move left [back]. Space is a jump key and the right and left arrows will let you lean your momentum right [forward] or left[back].The Z key lets you to eject from your wheeled craft, a very necessary thing and hilarious at the same time. The SHIFT and CTRL keys are also used as secondary aiders to the SPACE BAR key [primary used key] on levels. In addition figuring out for yourself is even more fun.

In short, Happy Wheels Hacked Game is a very popular and famous game because of it being very addictive, violent and fun to play. The only way to enjoy this game is by searching it online and playing it. It’s the perfect flash game for those who love violent.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Beautiful France

Assassin’s Creed Unity Beautiful France

Ever since Assassin’s Creed was introduced way back with Altair Ibn La-Ahad taking the center stage there has been no looking back for the franchise. Most of the Assassin’s Creed storyline was expended on Ezio Autidtore through the entire second episode of the franchise (Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations) and then to the Kenway family in Assassin’s Creed III and Black Flag – now the Templar and Assassin’s fight it out in France following the story of Arno Dorian.

For those new to the franchise Assassin’s Creed is a stealth based open world franchise that reimagines history as we know it with the rift between Assassin’s and Templars taking the stage. The story is set during the French Revolution era and the game has introduced revamped parkour and stealth mechanics. The game has also included a cooperative multiplayer mode for hours of fun with your team mates in a narrative open world journey.

coverThe launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity wasn’t the smoothest with users and critics complaining about bugs and graphical issues. Four patches have been released since then to smooth out the gameplay and remove graphical artifacts. Ubisoft had to issue an apology and users were offered digital copies of some of Ubisoft’s titles.

What’s new?

The assassination missions are not monotonous anymore. There are multiple possible lines of play and Ubisoft has made these missions very open ended. Buildings are also very open unlike previous AC games which were very restrictive and you could not enter buildings unless there was a mission. A new type of mission that has caught our attention is the murder mystery segment which is similar to the Arkham games.

Assassin’s Creed Unity has also introduced real currency usage. Many players don’t like grinding through side quests to earn virtual currency – Ubisoft has offered the option to pay with real money and purchase upgrades.

Friendly reminder: there is unblocked version of QWOP game available on the official site @ QWOPUnblocked.Us
Oh and also Unblocked Happy Wheels as well, enjoy 😉


Finally, let’s talk about the graphics – they are astounding. This is the first game since The Saboteur that allows a player to explore the Eiffel Tower in-game. The animations are excellent and the buildings are detailed to perfection. There are frame-rate problems and bugs but that doesn’t stop you from admiring the amount of effort put in by the hundreds of developers at Ubisoft to make Assassin’s Creed Unity such a visually compelling game.


Here is the list of controls for making life easier for gamers who want to enjoy the game

W, S, A, D – moving. Hold the right mouse button while moving to sprint.

Mouse – for camera movement

C – Camera adjustment

F – Targeting

Right mouse button – For high profile actions

Y/E – Head

X/Left Mouse Button – Weapon

B/Shift – Synchronize/Eagle Vision

A/Space bar – Blend/Stealth



Overall Assassin’s Creed Unity is absolutely brilliant, though not the best Assassin’s Creed game ever made but it is definitely the most beautiful and the emotional storyline is just going you take your breath away.

Impossible Quiz 3 or Impossible Quiz book chapter 1

The Impossible Quiz Book (CHAPTER 1) is a free online game that anyone can play. The game is created by E4 Games and is only available on the PC platform. This game comes under a lot of categories, such as strategy, adventure, trivia and even puzzle. If you’re bored or want to have some fun, this is definitely the game to play.

The Impossible Quiz book is a game which is available to play in chapters. There are multiple chapters in the series and each chapter consists of 50 questions. These questions are considered ‘impossible’. They may be hard at first, but as you play and adapt to the game, you will definitely get a hang of it. As you advanced throughout the chapters, the questions’ difficulty increases. As you progress, new chapters will be unlocked and will be available to play.

The game is simple and easy to play. You are offered 50 questions one by one and you are expected to answer all of them correctly to advance to the next chapter. The majority of the questions are multiple choice, therefore the answer is in front of you. This game also offers power-ups and lives. The power-ups are unlocked in future chapters while you are given five lives per chapter. Answering a question incorrectly will result in a penalty, decreasing the number of lives remaining by one. After the number of lives reaches zero, you lose, it’s as simple as that. The controls are easy, a mouse and keyboard is all you need to play the game to advance through the chapters and answer the questions. The mouse will be used to answer most of the questions and a keyboard will be useful.

Who is up to Tank Trouble SWF

Who is up to Tank Trouble SWFTank Trouble SWF is a free online game that combines maze-style, puzzles and battle tanks. Players head through the maze with the intent of shooting down the other tanks. This game supports both single and multiplayer for a computer challenge and fun with friends. The multi-player mode offers a challenging experience by going head to head with friends to see who can destroy the enemy’s tank first. The game also adds an intriguing dynamic to your strategy by including a three player mode. It also includes many challenging levels. The game can also be played in full screen which makes it more realistic.

Game play

In Tank Trouble 4, you must try to shoot your enemy and try to live to fight in the next stage. The game features a maze like layout to maneuver through as you destroy the enemy’s tank and keep your tank and personnel safe. The game requires strong strategies to move through the maze, avoid opponents and fire effective shots. Try to avoid shooting the wall since some shots may bounce back and hit your tank. Therefore, you need a good firing strategy in order to survive many levels. Try to collect power-ups and weapons that appear by clicking the icons. More power-ups are displayed at the bottom of the screen as points. The game becomes more challenging as you move from one level to another. The single player mode features a challenging battle with a robot dog.


When playing Tank Trouble SWF in single player mode, the arrow keys are used for tank movement and M for shooting. For the multiplayer mode, the first player uses arrow keys for to move and M key to shoot. The second player moves his tank with E, S, D, F keys and shoots with the Q key. The third player uses the mouse to move and shoot.

controls of tank trouble game

Tank Trouble SWF game enables you play with tanks. Your battle imaginations are realized by taking control of an army tank while shooting and blowing up your enemy’s tanks. This is a very popular and highly rated free online game. This game is fairly straight forward. All you need to do is to move around the maze like map and get you tank closer to the opponent to attack. You must consider the opponent’s movement, the barriers and the ability to fire at any point. The controls are also simple to use. This game is filled with a lot of fun especially when playing with friends.

Boxhead game small review

Which one of you likes zombie games? Anyone? I’m pretty sure 80% of my reader enjoy these kind of games. Speaking of zombie games, you know that there are various categories which can contain this kind of games? For example first person shooting games (some people call it FPS), strategy, puzzle, MMO and many more as well.

boxhead zombie

Instead of talking about all the different game genres, let’s today focus on shooting zombie game – Boxhead. This game is developed by Crazy Monkey Games, except this game they also have other amazing games, so if you have not heard of them before make sure that you will check their official web-site.

So this game basically is shooting zombie game, where everything is presented in form of box characters, there are box zombies, box monsters and so on. Your main objective in Boxhead is to survive different levels, the higher is level harder it is for you to win. As the game progresses, you will notice that except ordinary weak zombies you will also face: mummies, devils, monsters and other underworld creatures as well.

Map where you are playing is pretty small, enemies appear from all the different spots, in order to survive longer move across the map, try to group-up enemies in one spot and shot them as once. This way you will be able to save ammo and also control map better. While you are killing zombies you will notice that some kind of items drop, those are weapons, power-ups and other interesting things which will help you to win. Yes, Boxhead is the game of luck as well, many things depend upon these kind of drops, sometimes they are useless and sometimes they can be life savior.

Game has single player mode as well as cooperative and deathmatch modes, all are extremely fun and I encourage you to try each one of them. If you want to find out more about game, click on instructions button and read how to use different features of the game.

There is also Boxhead Unblocked version, judging from the name you can guess that it is some kind of cheating. Follow site which I have added in the article, if the original game is too hard for you try unblocked.

boxhead logo
P.S. There are also other variations of flash games like Impossible Quiz and Electric Man , in some of them you can find explosives planned across the map, you can use them when you have huge amount of zombie horde, just make them walk cross bombs and shoot after, they will explode and it will destroy nearly all surrounded zombies.

Everything you should know about Apple Shooter

Everything you should know about Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter is an archery game developed by Wolf Games. It is one of the most popular online games. It involves shooting an apple placed on top of your friends head at varied distances. The game requires you to make clear shots without hitting your friend. It turns archery dreams into reality. It is a fun game to play during ones free time. It is easy game and can therefore be enjoyed by both children and adults. The game incorporates challenging levels that change progressively. Success in this game is a symbol of true marksmanship. The game is designed with excellent visual effects and background color theme which make it more attractive.

apple with arrow


The aim of Apple Shooter game is to shoot the apple with bow and arrow. You are to shoot an apple on top of your friends head without leaving a scratch on them. The mouse and in game tools are used to aim your arrows on the apple. A mistake in the game will cause you to be labeled as the world’s worst best friend. The tasks become more difficult as you move from one level to another. This is because you are distanced more further from your friend as the levels increase. The distance from one level to next increases by 5 feet. You are set at 20 feet away followed by 25, 30 and 35 feet for level 2, 3 and 4 respectively. The game includes a High Scores Chart. It also provides a sheet of professional shooters. These motivate you to reach the highest level. The 3D feature provides a real life experience thus making the game more interesting.


As soon as you launch the game, you will find two key controls that will help you hit the target. These are found on upper side of the screen. The circular gauge provided helps you to determine how high the arrow will fly. The meter bar indicates the expected strength of your shot. Powerful shots travel farthest. You only need a mouse to play Apple Shooter. Use your mouse to aim the bow and arrow. The bow is drawn back by holding down the mouse button. The longer you hold the mouse button down, the more powerful the short will be. The game requires you to use these tools together with a keen sense of hand and eye coordination to keep your friends head safe.

The controls present make the game easy. Both young and adults can sharpen their archery skills by learning to coordinate their eyes and hands. All you need is a mouse. The chart provided makes the game more interesting as opposed to other online archery games. Apple Shooter allows you to target and shoot through many levels in an exciting 3D environment.