Boxhead game small review

Which one of you likes zombie games? Anyone? I’m pretty sure 80% of my reader enjoy these kind of games. Speaking of zombie games, you know that there are various categories which can contain this kind of games? For example first person shooting games (some people call it FPS), strategy, puzzle, MMO and many more as well.

boxhead zombie

Instead of talking about all the different game genres, let’s today focus on shooting zombie game – Boxhead. This game is developed by Crazy Monkey Games, except this game they also have other amazing games, so if you have not heard of them before make sure that you will check their official web-site.

So this game basically is shooting zombie game, where everything is presented in form of box characters, there are box zombies, box monsters and so on. Your main objective in Boxhead is to survive different levels, the higher is level harder it is for you to win. As the game progresses, you will notice that except ordinary weak zombies you will also face: mummies, devils, monsters and other underworld creatures as well.

Map where you are playing is pretty small, enemies appear from all the different spots, in order to survive longer move across the map, try to group-up enemies in one spot and shot them as once. This way you will be able to save ammo and also control map better. While you are killing zombies you will notice that some kind of items drop, those are weapons, power-ups and other interesting things which will help you to win. Yes, Boxhead is the game of luck as well, many things depend upon these kind of drops, sometimes they are useless and sometimes they can be life savior.

Game has single player mode as well as cooperative and deathmatch modes, all are extremely fun and I encourage you to try each one of them. If you want to find out more about game, click on instructions button and read how to use different features of the game.

There is also Boxhead Unblocked version, judging from the name you can guess that it is some kind of cheating. Follow site which I have added in the article, if the original game is too hard for you try unblocked.

boxhead logo
P.S. There are also other variations of flash games like Impossible Quiz and Electric Man , in some of them you can find explosives planned across the map, you can use them when you have huge amount of zombie horde, just make them walk cross bombs and shoot after, they will explode and it will destroy nearly all surrounded zombies.